Shipping Agency

Owners’ Protective Agency Marine Services, Marine consultants, Shipping Agency, Cargo condition, Super vision and Custody Transfer Inspection.
We offers a scalable service to owners & operators ranging from involvement provision of a simple independent report, to full in expediting a port call, including the following: agent for

  • Checking Performa D/A submitted by the head compliance with applicable tariffs
  • Receipt of owners’ funds and payment to head agents.
  • Reporting the vessel/cargo status, as required.
  • Checking cargo documents/SOF/ time sheets for correctness, notifying owner if not, and issuing letters of protest.
  • Signing Bills of Lading.

Having the full intention to strengthen and continue AST-МҰНАЙ PETROLEUM existence and representative our full staff, over the past years our company had the privilege to act as an active shipping agent and transportation and custom clearance and logistic with cooperate with many company in scope of marine service and also oil field logistic . Also to submit any offers specially in scope of marine service and logistic services as customs clearance ,inspection under API. for quality and quantity, transportation and for any custody transfer operation after applying all your offer and connection with terms.

AST-МҰНАЙ PETROLEUM management is fully dedicated to increase your investments for all joint venture company, and maintaining high standards of services and a respectable reputation in the international market.

Complex logistics

  • Maritime agency included the following services:
  • Maritime agency services (Ports & Transit clearance through anchorages).
  • Arranging necessary clearance for vessel at berth / anchorage.
  • Organize cargo custom clearance.
  • Handle all relations with port authorities and operators.
  • Attend to the vessel needs upon arrival.
  • Loading / Discharging attendance.
  • Constant monitoring of your vessel›s position and up to the minute notification of all her movements.
  • Cash to Master delivery.
  • Organize and supervise the discharge of the vessels along berth.
  • We create efficient transportation schemes and control the process so that you save money and time on logistics.
  • We solve problems of any complexity: we combine road and rail transportation, organize transshipment and storage of goods. We work along the entire supply chain from the field to the end consumer. We organize systematic work according to schedules and one-time shipments



We will help you find a suitable tank farm for transshipment. We will recommend a proven one with which we worked, or we will select a new one.

We have experience in operating a tank farm, so we understand how everything works from the inside. We understand in detail the processes of filling, draining, storage, transportation, temperature conditions. We know how cargo can get lost and how to control its quality and quantity. With our help, you can avoid product losses during transshipment.



If you do not have enough containers and reservoirs or you have temporary difficulties with sales, we will organize the storage of petroleum products on wheels.

For example, you overflow - we will serve you a park while the client is waiting. You can stand in storage on favorable terms for as long as you need. As soon as you find a buyer and confirm the deal, we will send him wagons with your product.



We optimize work with stations, the railway and its subdivisions, owners of non-public tracks. We make sure that all links of the transport chain work efficiently and in a coordinated manner.

We can organize systematic work according to the schedule and one-time shipments. We will quickly and competently issue documents, wagons and cargo. We optimize loading and unloading operations to avoid downtime on a loaded and empty rail car.

We will make mutual settlements with contractors, control the quality and quantity of cargo, and save you from manual control over the situation.

Provide the initial data: the cargo, its volume, from where and where it needs to be delivered.
We will calculate the total cost, assemble and implement the scheme and be responsible for the result.
We know from the inside how oil market participants work. We will help create added value from the field or the manufacturer to the end customer.

We will take on tasks that are not directly related to your activities. For example, we will analyze the plant for loading, unloading, racks and throughput, if you work in processing, or we will calculate the logistics for participating in the tender

Reduce risk and save money

If you are selling on a postpaid basis and the money has not been credited to your account, we will turn around or stop the wagons on the way.
If you work on a prepaid basis and transport oil products in our wagons, we will deliver them to the end. They will not be deployed en route.
We will help to avoid loss of quality and quantity of the product during transshipment.
We will analyze the shipper and identify the pros and cons in his work. We can conclude a tripartite agreement and become your consignor or consignee.
We will take on the issues of working with Russian Railways, the station and the owners of non-public tracks.




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