AST-МҰНАЙ PETROLEUM is registered legal entity in CIS, Kazakhstan and is the physical supplier of fuel in Caspian Ports i.e Aktau, Pavlodar, Makhachkala and Batumi oil terminal (at the Black Sea) and have started consistent operation from July 2017. Our company is a team of professional specialists focused on results. We are engaged in organizing an individual and integrated approach to transactions for the purchase of petroleum products.

AST-МҰНАЙ PETROLEUM carries out transactions for the purchase, supply and shipment of petroleum products to enterprises and industry Eurasian markets: Russia, UAE, Iran, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, etc. Under the contract signed between State Company for Maritime Transport (SCMT), Ministry of Transport and CPC, authorized to handle all activities in Black Sea and Caspian related to on shore storage units. The company continues to actively work on expanding the international geography of operations and diversifying supply routes.

The company has focus wholesale trade and frequent supply of nominal volumes of oil products (up to 30 000 tons).

We are also experts in the complex support of procurement transactions at the State commodity and commodity exchange of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, namely – metallurgical products, mineral fertilizer and oil products produced by the oil refining complex are delivered, which are sold from warehouses terminals located at ports of Pavlodar KZ, Makhachkala RU, Batumi GE.

We purchase and stockpile oil products of the following categories: petrol, diesel fuel- en590, base oil, fuel for reactive engines, hydrotreated diesel fuel and fuel oil etc.

AST-МҰНАЙ PETROLEUM has three main principles – Success, Safeness, Confidence. We are glad to offer you:

  • Successful deals on mutual beneficial terms. Large discounts, convenient terms of export of oil materials, provision of the possibility of partial prepayment to permanent and customers in our framework;
  • Safe export of oil products. Purchase and shipment of oil products is carried out without risks when concluding contracts and transactions. Attention: AST-МҰНАЙ PETROLEUM ТОО will help you and know how to avoid the surcharges described in the contract with the Refineries;

We are currently operating with three metalurgical plants in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for and supplying – Ferromanganese “FeMn78“ , Lead Pb castings and Copper cathodes (classification EU: 7403 11 00). For all exporters of these commodity items, an obligatory condition is a license for the export of metals.

When planning the export of metals from Kazakhstan or Russia, you need to understand that each country where the goods are sent has its own rules. This applies both to the legislation regulating imports into the country and the regulation of relevant industries. This requires relevant knowledge and experience. AST-МҰНАЙ PETROLEUM which exports from the Black Sea in all directions (Africa, the USA and Canada, Central Asia, the Middle and Far East), is a reliable partner of all importers , ensuring uninterrupted supplies of any product groups, including export of ferrous metals.


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