AST-munai petroleum Trading is currently engaged in the following services:

  • Trading of finshed and semi finished metallurgical products.
  • Trading of oil products in Black Sea and Caspian.
  • B2B Trading of Automotive Fuels in Caspian Ports .
  • Storage and warehouse management.


Products traded:

Oil & Gas products:
Gasoline RON-91,92
Nefras C 50/170
Low sulfur Diesel EN590
Marine Gasoil (MGO)
Liquefied Gas

Mineral Fertilizers:
Carbamide - Urea N46%
Potassium Chloride(KCL)
Monoammonium phosphate
Di-ammonium Phosphate

Metals and Others: Copper CATHODES “M00K, M0K“. Ferromanganese “FeMn78“. Crude “Nickel Stainless Steel 15% Ni“ - castings or ingots.

We are fully capable in the business development and marketing of above mentioned activities amongst the ships owners and charterers of their ships calling in Middle asian ports preferably Black Sea and Caspian.

The company's policy in the field of procurement and contract activities has been developed taking into account world experience and best industry practices. The document regulates all issues related to the participants in the procurement process and the distribution of roles, approving authorities, contract management, including all procedures before and after the conclusion of contracts.

Key procurement principles are consistent with the company's overall priority to ensure fair competition, transparency, build long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with partners and comply with business ethics and legal requirements, while achieving commercial and managerial efficiency. The company has limits on the approval of contracts, which make it possible to distinguish between approving authorities depending on the value of the contract.



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